Well, let’s start at the beginning. How do I gain access to use XPO, well there are several install XPO on your next DotNet project, here is a list of them.

  1. If you own any of DevExpress license you already have access to XPO you can see the available licenses here
  2. Download the NuGet package: XPO just recently became free to use class library, that’s right, you get to use the most powerful ORM on the DotNet world for free, no questions asked, you can read more about that here. Now to obtain the NuGet package you can use any of the following approaches:

a) Use the console command: Install-Package DevExpress.Xpo -Version 18.1.6

b) Search for the NuGet package using the following package id “DevExpress.Xpo”

Any XPO project should contain references to at least 2 libraries

  • DevExpress.Xpo.vXX.X.X in this library you will find all the base objects and attributes necessary to create  persistent objects
  • DevExpress.Data.vXX.X.X, in this assembly you will find all the necessary objects to query the database using criteria operators and you will also find the ConnectionProviderSql used as a base class for all XPO Providers

After installing the NuGet package or adding the assembly references you are ready to start creating your O.R.M classes