Jose Manuel Ojeda Melgar

Jose Manuel Ojeda Melgar

Hello, my name is Jose Manuel Ojeda, but I am usually known as Joche Ojeda, my academic career is computer management, but I think my true training started when I started my working life.

My job at that company was to help unify the many flavors of software and reports that existed within the 9 branches around the world, also to unify all new developments in new .NET technology in 2003.

I eventually managed to ascend to the position of main programmer and my work changed to having to evaluate the different options on controls and frameworks of third parties.

I develop software for offices in the United States, Canada, Chile, United Kingdom, Australia and China. One of the last tasks I had as a lead developer was to evaluate frameworks for creating a unified ERP for the company.

In 2008, I resigned from job to be an independent consultant, since that time I have worked in different institutions in the role of system architect, technical leader or training of developers.

I currently dedicate 50% of my working hours to training on the XAF platform, for Salvadoran or foreign institutions. And the remaining time I dedicate it to the development of projects especially the mixture of the platforms XAF and XAMARIN that is c # for mobile operating systems