How to create a self contained netcore 3 console application

How to create a self contained netcore 3 console application

I have a new project that I want to deploy and I don’t want it to depend on the dot net framework, so I decided to create a self-contained executable. At first, I thought it was an easy process and don’t get me wrong, it is, but I could not find all the pieces of the puzzle in one single blog post or youtube video, so I decided to write a really small tutorial about it, let’s begin

1 – Install the net core 3 SDK (still in preview). You can download it here 

2 – Configure Visual Studio 2019 to use the preview version of net core by going to: Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> .NET Core -> Use Previews of the .NET Core SDK.











3 – Create a new net core console application in Visual Studio 2019: File-> New -> Project

4 – Edit your csproj and add the runtime identifiers <RuntimeIdentifiers>win10-x64;osx.10.11-x64;ubuntu.16.10-x64</RuntimeIdentifiers>


4 – Open a console window in the directory where your csproject is located and run the following command to create a single executable for windows:

dotnet publish r win10x64 /p:PublishSingleFile=true 

5 – If needed run the command for the others runtime identifiers

dotnet publish r osx.10.11-x64 /p:PublishSingleFile=true 

dotnet publish r ubuntu.16.10-x64 /p:PublishSingleFile=true 

Thats it for this post, it looks like net core 3 will make application distribution a piece of cake 🙂